These are the events I am attending :pencil: or speaking/presenting at :loudspeaker:.

Forthcoming events

:pencil: October 14-15th: NHS Hackday in Gloucester, UK

:loudspeaker: September 29th: Speaking during the European Researchers’ Night at Espacio Fundación Telefónica in Madrid, Spain

Past events

:loudspeaker: September 2017: CSIC Marie Curie Fellows meeting with European Commission representants and project coordinators

:loudspeaker: July 2017: The visibility of digital platforms as infrastructures of the gig economy, Sub-theme 63: Thinking infrastructures, with Roser Pujadas, 33rd EGOS Colloquium, Copenhaguen Business School, Copenhagen, Denmark

:loudspeaker: December 2016: Reconceptualising sharing in the digital economy’, with Roser Pujadas, Research Group on Collaborative Spaces (RGCS) International Symposium, Paris, France

:loudspeaker: January 2016: Discussant to the workshop ‘Do-It-Yourself Health Technologies–Borderlands of hacked health’, LSE workshop, London, UK

:loudspeaker: May 2016: ‘The Stars4All project: New societal problems, new citizenship’, International ECSA Citizen Science Conference, Berlin, Germany

:loudspeaker: April 2016: Open source success: A critical case of long-term implementation’, Global Innovation and Knowledge Academy (GIKA), Valencia, Spain

:loudspeaker: July 2015, ‘The Being Multiple: The Becoming of an Open Source Project’ European Group for Organisational Studies (EGOS), Athens, Greece

:loudspeaker: 2014: ‘An inquiry into the Openness of Open Spaces’, with Roser Pujadas, Organised by Cambridge University, University College Dublin, Lancaster University, and the LSE , London, UK

:loudspeaker: July 2013: Balancing Unintended Consequences of Organisational Innovations on the Employment Relationship’, European Forum for Studies of Policies for Research and Innovation, Barcelona, Spain

:loudspeaker: August 2012: ‘Dialectic of Requirements in Open Source Software: ‘Rigour-Engagement, and Trust’’, With Maha Shaikh and Tony Cornford, Academy of Management Conference, Boston, USA

:loudspeaker: July 2012: ‘IT Innovation and Open Source Requirements Processes: A Problematisation’, Open and User Innovation, Harvard University, USA

:loudspeaker: June 2012: ‘Requirements in Open Source Health IT: A Study of Innovation in becoming’, European Conference on Information Systems, Doctoral Consortium, Barcelona, Spain

:loudspeaker: May 2012: ‘Requirements in Open Source Health IT: A Study of Innovation in becoming’ Social Study of IT, Open Research Forum, London School of Economics, London, UK

:loudspeaker: July 2010: ‘The Role of Requirements in Open Source IT Innovation’, Open Source Software conference, Notre Dame University, Illinois, US