Research overview

My research focuses on two main tracks (see publications and projects for more information).

  • (1) Alternative forms of production (e.g. open source, Free software, crowdsourcing, open innovation) and information systems development (ISD):

    • Theorising ISD in open source. Open source is often understood to be an alternative to ‘traditional’ development, but not theorising why that is limits how deeply we can study such development processes of software creation;
    • Understanding the impact of community interpretations of open source and what it means to them. How communities varyingly understand open source will influence the importance given to openness and how they will put it into practice. In turn, such interpretations will influence how they manage their software and community participation;
    • Researching open source requirements as organising artefacts. If, as extant research suggests, open source is often considered informal and indeterminate regarding requirements management, then what are the implications to the open source project organisation?;
    • Citizen-science and the creation of sustainable communities;
    • Sustainability in open source (see current project);
    • Studying the community-side of open innovation. Most literature in open innovation is strategic and firm-oriented, theorising on the way that firms can appropriate external sources of knowledge. Little is known, however, about what’s going on on the othe side.
  • (2) Ethics of the alternative forms of production:

    • Developing stakeholder theory to account for the particularities of these forms of participation;
    • Offering a critique of the sharing economy from an information systems perspective;
    • Theorising the notion of well-being and happiness in the increasingly boundary-less contexts afforded by the alternative forms of production.


For an overview of my research, go up, for current research projects.

Journal articles

Book items

  • Curto-Millet, D., et al. (forthcoming) Ethics in crowdsourcing: Revisiting and revising the role of stakeholder theory, New Developments in Crowdsourcing, Eds. Tucci, C., West, J, Buttice, V., Oxford University Press


  • Cañibano, A., Curto-Millet, D. (2013). ‘Balancing Unintended Consequences of Organisational Innovations on the Employment Relationship’, Proceedings of the European Forum for Studies of Policies for Research and Innovation, Madrid

  • Curto-Millet, D. (2010). ‘The Role of Requirements in Open Source IT Innovation’, Proceedings of the Open Source Systems Conference 2010 Doctoral Consortium, Collocated with the International Conference on Open Source Systems (OSS 2010), Notre Dame, IN, USA

Refereed conference papers

  • Pujadas, R., Curto-Millet, D. (2017), The visibility of digital platforms as infrastructures of the gig economy, (2017), Sub-theme 63: Thinking infrastructures, with Roser Pujadas, 33rd EGOS Colloquium, Copenhaguen Business School, Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Curto-Millet, D., Pujadas, R., (2016), Reconceptualising sharing in the digital economy’, Research Group on Collaborative Spaces (RGCS) International Symposium, Paris, France

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  • Curto-Millet, D., (2010), ‘The Role of Requirements in Open Source IT Innovation’, Open Source Software conference, Notre Dame University, Illinois, US


I have successfully applied for competitive funding for a number of projects. For a brief summary of my research, go up. You can also have a look at my publications.

Current projects

  • Marie Curie Fellowship (€170K)

    • Starting in September
    • Studying sustainability in open source

Past projects

  • Stars4All

    • Citizen-science project to study, measure, and regulate light-pollution
    • Wrote and developed ESCP Europe’s work packages
    • Responsible for the implementation of a sustainable and participative community of engaged citizens
    • European project (eight institutions from five different EU countries)
    • Funded by the European Union (ca. 2 million €) under the H2020 programme in the CAPS2020 call on Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability and Social Innovation
  • PhD

    • Researched how requirements are understood and managed in open source
    • Studied openEHR, a formal, open source, health IS
    • Funded by the UK EPSRC (3 years, 45000£) and Fundación Ramón Areces (2 years, 45000€)